The Solo Idol is now close to the Semi Finals, and quite a few contestants have raised concerns over unfair judging from the Solo Idol judges.

Speaking with Solomon Times, a Solo Idol contestant who wants to remain anonymous, stated that there has been unfair comments are often made by judges.

"We are doing the best we can and during the competition, judges often gave comments that they were not supposed to give. I think they are being too judgmental rather than giving us encouragement," stated the anonymous participant.

"We have been assigned a certain person to provide us points that we may need to take into consideration, however, the judges seem to think it is also their duty," he continues to say.

Few contestants raised that, because continuation into the next round will be determined by the public; the judges need to offer more encouragement to boost their morale, rather than making criticisms.

Also raised was the fact that the Solo Idol judges have been changing at every competition.

Solomon Times spoke to the Solo Idol coordinator, Mr. Charles Ratu in regards to the shifts of the judges.

Mr. Ratu stated that the shift in the judges was because; some judges could not make it to the competition. Mr. Ratu promised this would not happen for the Semi Finals.