Children's Park- situated at Rove, is one of the leading hot spot for children, young people and adults alike in Honiara.

The park does not offer much, just a few benches, a few swings and other children playthings.

However, it is situated by the sea so the view and the breeze are both priceless. People go there so their children can play and swim in the sea while they watch the tide or take in the view of the many Islands of Central Province.

"I bring my children here everyday after school, so they can play with other children and also swim in the sea while I relax. They enjoy it and so do I because; I hardly relax when I am at home. This is the only place in Honiara I can bring my children as this is the only park accessible to everyone," says Jeanine, a mother of two.

Children's park is also the safest place to be and why not? When it is situated directly opposite the Solomon Islands Police Head Quarters and men in uniform is not an uncommon sight.