Who needs a soccer pitch when you can take it to the streets? No it is not freestyle dancing but street soccer.

As soon as the traffic clears for the day, young boys hit the streets for a game of soccer. Any corner that is free from traffic, you will run into such a scene and not only is this common scene in Honiara but it is so everywhere else in the Solomons.

Whether these young boys dream of making it big in the future or are playing for the fun of it, one thing is sure- Solomon Islands is crazy about soccer.

As you travel through Honiara suburb roads, you surely will have to halt the car at some stage to give way to a soccer game.

Solomon Times talked to one of these young street players while traveling through a Honiara suburb.

"We come out to play on the road because all the playing fields are too far off. We enjoy playing soccer with the rest of the neighborhood because it is more fun to play with people you know. Of course we would have to stop when a car is approaching and we always make sure we are safe," says 7 year old Totom Waeni.

These street soccer games do attract a crowd and with the skills and tactics shown, this is surely an entertainment you would want to sit around and watch.