Hundreds of youths crowded the multipurpose hall as they sat through the quarter finals of the Solo Idol 2008.

Nervousness built in the beginning of the competition as senior contestants were lined up on stage as judges did the elimination based on votes from the public during the week.

Contestants; Wendy Nori, Loretta Teho, George Hiri, David Auna, Philip Carlos, Joey Phillis, Joey Manemaka, Becky Maetia, and Chrisapert Harabe went on to compete in the quarter finals. Ms. Leanne Fugui, Mr. Alphy Jonathan and Mr.Benuel Ereanimae were eliminated based on their performance in the previous round.

The nine lucky contestants competed amidst screaming fans as they sang songs ranging from Bon Jovi to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Songs from Bon Jovi brought screams of "I Love You" and other hilarious comments from girls from the crowd.

Ms. Becky Maetia proved to be a crowd favorite, although Ms. Loretta Teho and Ms. Wendy Nori also gave solid performances.

Meanwhile, the young executive contestants; Miss. Rachel Sarei, Mr. Richie Saeni, Miss Bethsy Luitolo, Mr. Marion Luitolo, Miss.Rejeanna Fa'arodo also had their chance to woo the crowd. Just like the older contestants, the young executives will also go through eliminations.

Although the judges have given encouraging and positive feedbacks, only the public can determine who goes into the semifinals when they call in to vote for their favorite idol.