The Wasikananara cultural pan-pipers of Malaita Province captures the interest of Vanuatu's music industry with their unique panpipe music.

The group were in Vanuatu purposely to accompany the Solomon Islands delegation to the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting.

While the MSG meeting may be over on 29th of May, it was not the case for the panpipers of Are'are who received an invitation from the Vanuatu Cultural Centre for a session of cultural exchange in terms of music style and traditional instruments.

The group was given the opportunity to be able to do their productions at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre studio.

The group was held back in Vanuatu for two days to complete their recordings and filming.

Group Coordinator and Promoter, Trevor Laban Honimae was thrilled by the initiative that the Vanuatu Cultural Centre has taken.

"This is great promotion of the cultural activities of Solomon Islands, in this case the uniqueness of the panpipes music in our traditional societies," Mr. Honimae said.

The album, both audio and video, should be launched by the end of July during the independence celebrations in Port Vila.

"This Cultural exchange is a break through for the two countries and it must be continued," said the Director of Vanuatu Cultural Centre Mr. Marceline Ambong during a farewell function held for the group.

An agreement has been drafted and will be viewed first by Vanuatu Cultural Centre Legal advisor and the Solomon Islands National Museum before it is signed.

The group traveled back to Honiara this morning.