Solomon Islands' most well known artist, Samson Saeni, widely know as Sharzy, recently made a two days trip to Vella La Vella in the Western Province to help the community school.

The trip last weekend was purposely to help raise funds for the Sibila Community High School located in Karaka village, Vella La Vella.

The trip was made possible through the management of XJ6 Kaleko Koperasin to help the school and the people of Karaka village.

Mr. Saeni said that the provincial tour was set without any other sales and all the money raised during the event was put forward for the school.

He said that the village visited was the most populated village of Vella La Vella and is in need of better education, "so all the money that we had raised through the show goes towards further development of the school".

Mr. Saeni told Solomon Times that the trip was the first of its kind, made without any request from the people.

"It's a personal initiative, I just felt like lending a helping hand to the people of that community," the down to earth renowned singer said.

Asked on how the fundraisings went, Mr. Saeni said they collected "a big total of money because all the nearby villages attended the show".

"People of Karaka village were very happy with the free offer made by the group to help the school," he added.

Solomon Times was informed that similar tour will take place for the people of Simbo who were also victims of the 2006 tsunami.

"I am very willing to help any province, including my people of Simbo," Mr. Saeni said.