Some say it's not right, others say get used to it. What's all the commotion about? A handful of ladies, nuns to be exact, playing the panpipe.

Playing the Panpipes in most parts of the Solomon Islands was often reserved to men as it was believed that the spirits guarding the panpipers would not protect women.

This however is not the case for the Sisters of the Church of Melanesia who on Saturday surprised a lot of people by playing the panpipes.

"Its good to see them play the panpipe...quite different to what I am used to, but I guess things are changing," said one onlooker. "They are protected by God, that's why they are confident to play," said another. Others were less enthusiastic, "we should not let this is just that it will bring them bad luck."

Whatever it is one may think the Sisters of the Church of Melanesia have been performing at various locations in Honiara raising much needed funds for their mission work and, one can say, raising peoples cultural perceptions.