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“The message is: people in the island don't want any deep sea mining activity in the EEZ, nor the area. So that was the loud message that came through.”

Tonga Firms Opposition to Deep Sea Mining

Tonga civil society strongly opposes deep sea mining and reaffirms a total ban on all mining activities, saying the region including the kingdom needs to act.
Undersea cables are the backbone of the internet connecting faraway places like the Pacific to the world. These submarine fiber optic cables permit the world’s web traffic to flow.

Another Pacific Island Rejects Undersea China Cable

After rejecting a low bid from China due to security concerns, the Pacific island of Nauru is in discussions to connect to an Australian undersea communications network.
Facebook partners with 80 fact-checking partners around the world to reduce the distribution of other spammy, sensational content like clickbait and engagement bait– which can coincide with misinformation.

Facebook Extends Pacific Islands Education Campaign to Help Counter Health Misinformation

Facebook has today launched a public education campaign to help people in five Pacific Island countries and territories learn how to identify and combat health-related misinformation.
Speaker of the Parliament of Vanuatu, Gracia Shadrack.

Vanuatu Parliament Awaits Court Resolution

The Speaker of Vanuatu's Parliament, Gracia Shadrach, adjourned last Fridays session until Wednesday this week.
With support from the Australian Government’s PacificAus Sports programme, Pacific teams and athletes will be able to train and compete in qualification events, giving them the greatest opportunity to realise their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

Australia’s Olympics Lifeline to Pacific Nations

The Morrison Government and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) are working in partnership to support over 170 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from eleven Pacific nations to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
“We are very focused on supporting our Pacific family, and the idea of a bubble that goes beyond New Zealand and Australia is a real possibility,” he said.

Australia's PM May Include Pacific Islands in Expanded Travel Bubble

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted that an expanded travel bubble beyond Australia and New Zealand may not be far away.
Negotiations are taking place at the World Trade Organization (WTO), in Geneva with a view to reaching an agreement at a virtual Ministerial meeting on July 15th.

Big, Rich, and Powerful Subsidizers to Benefit from WTO Fisheries Subsidies Talks

Global talks to reign in global fisheries subsidies are failing to hold big, rich and powerful subsidizers accountable while unfairly shifting the burden onto vulnerable fishing communities.

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