Regional Archive October 2007

Chinese Satellite Stations Concern Taiwan

The attempts by China to build satellite monitoring stations in the region has been considered a concern by Taiwan.

ADB Hosts Workshop to Assist Regional SOEs

Pacific Government and State-Owned Enterprise Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) met in Port Vila, Vanuatu, last week to discuss best practices and shared experiences to do with SOEs.

ADB, Donor Partners Sign Development Agreement in Tonga

Tonga and its development partners have signed an agreement applying the five principles of the Paris Declaration for Aid Effectiveness.

Forum Calls for Support on Climate Change

The President of the Republic of Nauru, His Excellency Mr. Ludwig Scotty, delivered a statement at the Forum on climate change, emphasizing on the urgency for support and action.

2009 Elections for Fiji

Pacific Forum leaders today discussed the issue of Fiji with elections being set for 2009.

Tonga Welcomes Pacific Leaders

The opening ceremony of the 38th Pacific Islands Forum Meeting was held yesterday with hundreds of students, guests and the general public turning out to greet guests.

Taiwan Urges Allies on WEO

In meeting with its South Pacific allies, Taiwan's head urged the leaders to support the establishment of the World Environmental Organization (WEO) under a UN framework.

Wins Through A Loss

Fiji's valiant effort in its quarter final match today in the Rugby World Cup achieved so much more for second-tier nations.

Russia Expresses Regional Interest (PNG)

Russia's ambassador to Papua New Guinea made his country's interests in the region, especially in Papua New Guinea, known to the country's Governor General this week.

Possible Threat in PNG over Moti Affair (PNG)

There are reports from Papua New Guinea of threats to arrest Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare.

Report to Assist in Doing Business in the Region

A recently released report by the World Bank has shown that East Asia and Pacific ranks second-to-last among regions on the pace of business reform, with some reforms seen in the Pacific.

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