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"Remittances are a key source of income for Pacific Island countries and for many families in our communities. Cost effective remittances and the retention of banking services are vital to the region's economic resilience," said Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor, Ariff Ali.

Central Banks Committed to Economic Prosperity and Wellbeing in South Pacific

At a meeting of South Pacific Central Bank Governors on 20 June 2022, the Governors reconfirmed their commitment to supporting the region's access to cost effective remittances, retention of bank services and improving financial inclusion.
Dr. Fong says at present the WHO does not recommend that countries adopt any measures that interfere with international traffic for either incoming or outgoing travelers.

Suspected Monkeypox Cases in Fiji

A number of individuals are under investigation for suspected cases of monkeypox and are being preemptively isolated where the index of suspicion is high.
"Chinese troops can prevent spillover effects of regional instabilities from affecting China, secure vital transport routes for strategic materials like oil, or safeguard China's overseas investments, projects and personnel," the report in the Global Times said.

China Announce Plans to Allow Military to Undertake 'Armed Forces Operations' Abroad

Analysts say China's leader Xi Jinping has set the legal basis for an expansion of the Chinese military's role in other countries, just weeks after Beijing signed a security pact with Solomon Islands.
“This is the first crew we are putting out to fish for our company post-covid so it is particularly symbolic for us that it is also our very first all female deck crew. We know they will make us proud,” said SeaQuest CEO, Brett Haywood.

First Female Crew Set Course for Pacific Fishing Industry

Opening career pathways and providing equal opportunities for women is the focus of a world-first initiative that sees an all-female deck crew set off on their first fishing trip on a tuna longline vessel, today.

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