Being lyrical is one but another is to be ridiculed for some musical artists in the Solomons.

Observers of the local music industry commented on how lyrics these days are "without basis" and of no particular meaning.

Take for instance the "Kavare man" that was once so popular on the local airwaves, where the musicians hit out on young girls taking much older men.

"Musicians take advantage of their talent to ridicule life and instead of appreciating it, listeners are offended," the observers said.

It's been agreed that maybe the artists are trying to point out the changing lifestyle.

But it's more of a joke for listeners than to take into account what the songs are trying to convey, moreso taking the musicians seriously.

"The way lyrics are being put together may be funny at some point and popular only for a short period of time".

"Kavare man was really popular for quite some time, because the message was quite blunt and not beating around the bush ... accusing young girls of taking in mature men who are old enough to be their father," an observer commented.

It was observed that artists are now becoming less conscious of cultural restriction when it comes to teasing women in their songs.

"Songs are becoming more and more offensive in language, and for female listeners who are targets, it is offending them," one female observer stated.

Most observers agreed that these artists are not serious about their music, but using it to taunt and tease, "and this may be one reason why they will never make it into the international market".