With his fifth volume to be launched next month, a popular Solomon Islands artist is going on tour to Australia next month.

Sammy Saeni, better known as Sharzy in the music industry, told Solomon Times that as part of his tour to Australia next month, he will also attend the launch of the Melanesian Directory in Port Vila, Vanuatu and the upcoming Pacific Arts festival in Samoa.

The album will feature contributions from other artists, including two songs from New Caledonia's artist Daddy DJ.

"These songs recorded last year will feature in my upcoming album, along with five other songs from various singers in PNG and five other contributing songs from various artists in Solomon Islands," Sharzy revealed.

He added that his participation in the Pacific Arts festival is on the "Jam House", who caters for any music styles in the region.

Sharzy said that a song he composed on Melanesia opens the opportunity for him to participate in the launch of the Melanesian directory in Port Vila, which is the second following the first launch last year.

The popular local talent informed Solomon Times that unlike his previous albums which always feature love songs, "my fifth album has a different taste ... because I sing about things that happen in life".

"I am known as the lover boy singer who always sing love songs, but this album is different," he said.

When asked why the change of music style, Sharzy said that he is no longer in his young age but is maturing.