With the success of their second album the NORMSIO band, consisting of three young men from Lord Howe, are planning to launch their third album sometimes this year.

So what's in the name NOMOSIO? Speaking to Solomon Times, Norman Mohu, the lead singer, said that they came up with the name NORMSIO by combining their names: Norman, Morris and Patrick.

NOMOSIO today is somewhat a household name especially in Honiara. Morris Apua, the back up vocalist, said that they are really proud of the feedback they have received. "They really like the beats of our songs and we are planning to launch the full video clip of the album by the end of this year," said Mr. Apua.

He said that sales are very good and plans are in place to try and break into other Pacific Island markets, particularly the Polynesian countries. The two singers told Solomon Times that they are chose to sing in Island beats because they could express themselves better through such dance tunes.

In the interview both said that they are doing all they can to promote their language songs as their local culture is somewhat overwhelmed by the new urban culture. "We are trying to revive some of our old language by singing them," said Norman.

Their current hit "Teaso" is just that, a traditional song coated in Island beat and upbeat techno, proving to be a huge hit in town. This goes to show that music can play a positive role in promoting aspects of ones culture.