More than 50 participants attended the five day Music workshop organized by the Solomon Islands Music Federation currently undergoing in the country.

The music workshop is fully funded by the Ministry for Women, Youth and Children Affairs.

In his key note address, the Minister for Women, Youth and Children's Affairs (MWYCA) Hon. Peter Tom acknowledged the initiative taken by the Solomon Islands Music Federation in partnership with the Macquarie University to organize such an important workshop.

He told participants that this is "an opportunity that you must fully utilize for your benefit. This also provides an opportunity for those who are experienced to play the role of a Good Samaritan by helping those who are beginning the music journey."

"Music is the one thing that unites us, we identify ourselves as people of one country or tribe through music, hence to be engaged in something that is unifying, educating and empowering is what this country needs," said Hon. Peter Tom.

He told participants that the CNURA government through his ministry is keen to assist young musicians at the rural level and this is where he believes that where they would look to the Music Federation to guide them with.

Minister Tom also added that "our future in the music industry is only as bright as the commitment and effort we put into changes we want to see."

Mr Tom also added that it was very encouraging to see a big turnout for the workshop and he encouraged participants to strengthen their capacity or improve on their skills and knowledge through the training.

"Never once before had any such workshop for music held in the country, therefore you must make this your workshop. Respect it, support it, and learn from it and most of all enjoy it," said the Minister.