For most of the people in Solomon Islands, owning a stove for cooking is an optional choice.

Most of the local people from around the Solomons prefer to do their cooking over open fire.

Asking most people why they couldn't be bothered with buying a stove, Alex Deste said it is a modern asset that locals can live without.

"We are content and used to cooking over open fire," he said.

Mr. Deste added that it is also cheaper to cook food over fire because "you only have to collect firewood around the custom kitchen and it doesn't cost a thing".

"With stove, you purchase the stove and then the gas to keep it working, plus the continuous refill of gas," he said.

Mr. Deste said that like any other thing, cooking over fire does have its disadvantage.

"When it's rainy weather and you don't have a stock of dry firewood handy, that can be a problem," he said adding that it still is the best alternative in light of the high cost of living in the Solomons.

Susan Mudu said that most elderly people in Solomon Islands prefer having their food cooked over the fire than on the stove.

Asked why, she said there is a "difference in taste" with food being cooked over the fire more tastier.

"When we cook our food over open fire, it's got this taste which is just right, which you can't achieve when using a stove," she said.