First it was the 'ghost caller', now there are whispers of cab drivers in Honiara picking 'ghost passengers' as night falls.

Solomon Times probed in a random interview on street talks of cab drivers claiming to have picked up 'ghost passengers'.

The norm is for passengers in need of cab service to call and your ride gets at your doorstep in no time.

Cab drivers however often get the spooks when night falls as many claim to "come face-to-face" with ghosts.

"Street talks allege that these cab drivers believe they have been seeing ghosts and worse scenerios are of some claiming to having ghost passengers," Melinda Manu told Solomon Times.

A cab driver approached revealed that he had an eerie experience of picking up a passenger at Panatina field "who just disappeared in the vehicle".

"I later realised that this guy, who died early this year used to drive a taxi," the cab driver said.

Solomon Times received similar stories from fellow cab drivers of having a fair share of ghost experience when night falls.

It was revealed that following an encounter with a ghost, "the person will feel sick every evening and the only cure is to visit the church brothers".

Solomon Times was informed that another eerie incident would be receiving missed calls from none other than themselves.

"We will be sitting in a group, waiting for calls and next we know, we are getting missed calls from each other and neither is making any calls," another cab driver revealed.

They described the fear as "one straight out from movies like Missed Call".

Most state that such incidents has made most reluctant to work late into the nights.