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Solbrew Easter Sevens to be an Annual Event

Marist Solbrew Sevens organisers have confirmed that following the success of the recent Solbrew Easter Sevens it will now be an annual event.
Matt Williams scores Auckland's opening goal.

Auckland City FC Humbles Koloale, 7-2

Auckland City is only a game away from entering the much-coveted FIFA World Club Cup. Their huge 7-2 win over Solomon Islands champions Koloale FC in Honiara demonstrates the superiority and class of Auckland FC.

MP Submits Report on Tsunami Fund Assistance

Minister for Public Service and M-P for North Vella la Vella Milner Tozaka yesterday submitted to Home Affairs Minister James Tora a report on the spending of his constituency's SBD$1.3 million dollars of tsunami funds.
Fans from Makira expected to make up the thousand strong Koloale support at Lawson Tama come Saturday.

Koloale Fans Flock into Honiara

Hundreds of soccer fans from Makira Province and other provinces are flocking into Honiara to watch the showdown between Koloale and Auckland City on Saturday.

Marist Solbrew Sevens Back on this Saturday

The Marist Solbrew Sevens tournament postponed due to bad weather is set to continue this Saturday with the first game set to kick off at 9 o'clock.

Major Landslide at Paripao, North East Guadalcanal

There is no road access past Bokokibo River on northeast Guadalcanal.
 Koloale should use their home ground advantage to take three points out of this match and hope a miracle happens in their away match in Auckland.

O-league Showdown to Light up Honiara

Honiara is set to come alive again, exactly 10 days from now when New Zealand champions Auckland City FC and Koloale clash at Lawson Tama.
Victory over Waitakere United in Group A of the O-League has seen the club progress to the final where they will take on Koloale FC of the Solomon Islands to determine Oceania's champion club side.

Introduction to Auckland City FC

Thousands of soccer fans in Solomon Islands are waiting nervously for the finals of the O-League. Koloale FC has found itself in a situation where they represent not only the hopes of its fan base but also that of a nation craving for a prestigious title.

Auki Teams Confirmed for Upcoming Sevens Clash

Two teams from Auki, Malaita will be arriving in Honiara today to play in the Marist Solbrew Sevens Tournament this weekend.

$5000 Up for Grabs in the Marist Solbrew Sevens

The winning team of the Marist Solbrew Sevens Tournament will be walking away with a cash prize of $5000.

Marist SolBrew Sevens Set for Easter

Local brewery Solbrew has thrown its support behind the upcoming 7s Competition to be hosted by Marist Rugby Club over the Easter weekend.

Koloale FC to Take on Auckland City in O-League Final

Koloale FC will be taking on Auckland City FC in the O-League finals.

Third Annual National Volleyball Championships Expected to be a Thriller

The volleyball national championship will be held next week beginning Thursday 9th to Monday 13th April at the Multi Purpose hall. The competition is in the open men and women categories. Defending champions of both categories, Arasina, will be out to prove that last year was not a fluke.

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