Honiara is set to come alive again, exactly 10 days from now when New Zealand champions Auckland City FC and Koloale clash at Lawson Tama.

It would be an exhibition of two distinctive football styles as both teams take to the field in the first of the two-match series to determine the Oceania champion club to represent the region in the World Clubs final.

Koloale would resort to short passing while Auckland are expected to play a more structured football and use their height advantage to score goals.

They have a remarkable record in their domestic league, winning almost-every silverware on offer since their national league started.

Nevertheless, at Lawson Tama, they will definitely find it a bit more challenging and that is where Koloale should use their home ground advantage to take three points out of this match and hope a miracle happens in their away match in Auckland to become the first Island nation club to qualify for the FIFA World Clubs Final.