The Marist Solbrew Sevens tournament postponed due to bad weather is set to continue this Saturday with the first game set to kick off at 9 o'clock.

Marist Coach Joe Sika said that it was unfortunate that they had to postpone due to bad weather but they hoped for the same turnout as on Good Friday.

"We had aimed to continue on last Saturday but the weather was very bad and understandably a lot of the teams couldn't make it so we made the decision to postpone."

Sika said "We expect all teams to be at the field well before 9 o'clock which is when the first match is scheduled to start"

"Also last Friday we had good turn out of teams and supporters and a good atmosphere, we hope for the same again this Saturday" he added.

Sika also took the time to thank Solbrew for its sponsorship and acknowledge the clubs that registered teams.

"Firstly Marist really appreciates Solbrew's sponsorship of the Sevens tournament, that combined with clubs, who despite the short notice registered teams, is what has made this competition possible"

So far the Marist Solbrew Sevens drew twelve teams from nine Honiara Rugby Clubs and two from Auki, Malaita Province.

Joe Sika commended the two teams from Auki.

"Their coming here was entirely at their own expense and sponsorships they secured and I think it's a great thing to see their determination to participate because of their interest in rugby"

Mr Sika said "While they lost their games they displayed good sportsmanship and for us it was a bonus having a team from the Province participate in the Marist Solbrew Sevens"