The winning team of the Marist Solbrew Sevens Tournament will be walking away with a cash prize of $5000.

Marist Rugby Club confirmed that as part of its sponsorship Solbrew has provided cash prizes for the top three winning teams, with $5000.00 going to the tournament winner, $3000.00 for second place and $2000.00 for third place.

Meanwhile registration of teams are underway with a good number of teams showing interest in entering the tournament.

Marist Coach and head of the Sevens organising committee Joe Sika said registration closes on Wednesday 8 April at 5pm so forms and payment of the $800 per team will need to be given in then.

Sika said that they would be holding a meeting for all team managers or reps at 12 o'clock on Thursday to discuss ground rules and other matters relating to the competition.