Minister for Public Service and M-P for North Vella la Vella Milner Tozaka yesterday submitted to Home Affairs Minister James Tora a report on the spending of his constituency's SBD$1.3 million dollars of tsunami funds.

The funds were given to members of Parliament whose constituencies were affected by the 2007 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Western and Choiseul provinces.

In the report, Mr Tozaka thanked the Ministry of Home Affairs for availing the funds to assist the shelter needs of more than 500 people in North Vella constituency.

Mr Tozaka also thanked the National Disaster management Office for their technical support in the shelter rehabilitation program.

Home Affairs minister Mr Tora praised Mr Tozaka for what he has done and urged other MPs to do the same.

Director of National Disaster Management Office Loti Yates also praised Mr Tozaka for being transparent in the usage of public money through the report.