There is no road access past Bokokibo River on northeast Guadalcanal.

President of the Reko, Moga, Paripao, Barade, REMOPBA Disaster committee, Jonathan Tutu says this is due to a major landslide at the upper Nubu to Tenapari road in the Paripao ward.

Mr Tutu says the landslide was caused by the heavy rains last Saturday. He says the landslide has blocked access for those to and from east of Tenapari and calls on the Provincial and National politicians for the area to urgently do something about it.

Mr Tutu makes this call because the upper road is the only link past Bokokibo river.
"After last Saturday's heavy rains, Bokokibo has destroyed the road access there so people in the east cannot drive past it," he said.

At the same time REMOPBA Coordinator Eric Miti says the Bokokibo flooding last Saturday has destroyed newly replanted food gardens and almost washed away Komabulu village.

He also said it was fortunate that the floods came during the day. "I am sure there would have been some casualties if it had come at night," Miti says.

Meanwhile the National Disaster Management Office and Guadalcanal Province Disaster Office will use this week to complete distributing relief food to communities that may have missed out in the last three weeks.