Features Archive October 2022

In the immediate aftermath of the Honiara riots, the CCP sought to blame Australia, the US and Taiwan for instigating the unrest. In the weeks that followed, CCP officials were also active in pushing a narrative that ‘foreign forces with ulterior motives’ were aiming to smear the relationship between Solomon Islands and China.

How the Chinese Communist Party is Spreading Lies in Solomon Islands

The Chinese Communist Party is attempting to influence public discourse in Solomon Islands through coordinated information operations that spread false narratives and suppress information contradictory to the party’s message.
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and delegation meeting with the Australian Prime Minister.

A Summary of Prime Minister Sogavare’s UNGA and Other Engagements

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare returned home from 3 weeks official travel having participated in various important meetings including the 77th UNGA in New York, US-Pacific Island Leaders Summit in Washington DC, meetings with the Government of Singapore, Prime Minister of Australia and a host of other multilateral and bilateral dialogues.
Rich countries have the resources to end the debt crisis, which has deteriorated rapidly in part as a consequence of their own domestic policies. These policies have sent interest rates in developing economies skyrocketing and investors fleeing.

50% of World’s Poorest Need Debt Relief Now to Avert Major Systemic Development Crisis: UNDP

Fifty-four developing economies accounting for more than half of the world’s poorest people need urgent debt relief as a result of cascading global crises.
Solomon Islands resident Eric Vavaki was paralysed in a crash in Queensland but is facing deportation because he has no income or place to live.

Solomon Islander Faces Possible Deportation After Vehicle Accident

Solomon Islands man Eric Vavaki worked so hard on fishing trawlers off the Queensland coast, there was no point in having a permanent home on land.
The five Pacific Island chefs pictured with Peter Gordon, a New Zealand chef who has had restaurants in London, Auckland, New York, Istanbul and Wellington.

KAI PASIFIKA: Culinary Creativity, Cultural Sharing, a Great Success

KAI PASIFIKA a celebration of Blue Pacific cuisine is underway right now at Peter Gordon’s acclaimed Homeland Food Embassy at Westhaven, Auckland.