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Surveys indicate that the countries in the Pacific region have some of the highest rates of domestic and family violence in the world. To address this, countries have progressively introduced family protection legislation from 2008 onwards, which provides the basis for a protection order regime.

Are Family Protection Orders Helping to Prevent Domestic and Family Violence in the Pacific Region?

First introduced in high-income countries, restraining or protection orders aim to prevent further domestic and family violence by imposing civil court orders, that if breached result in a criminal penalty.
The Action Plan 2022-2024 includes both internal and external domain strategies to strengthen gender and social mainstreaming mechanisms, increase the representation of minority groups, and systematize gender and social inclusion training and capacity building.

Electoral Commission Launches GESI Policy to Enhance Inclusive Electoral Processes

As part of International Women’s Day, the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission launched the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy 2022-2024 and its Action Plan. The GESI policy aims to uphold the government’s commitment to enhance gender equality and social inclusion in elections.
Women’s Networks Building Home Grown Resilience

Women’s Networks Building Home Grown Resilience

Rural women, and in particular women with disabilities, face multiple barriers and risks to their livelihoods and towards ensuring food security for themselves and their families.
Grace Fekau giving visitors fresh cocoa beans to try from the Amazing Grace Cocoa trees.

From Kokoa Farming to Agritourism

Almost two decades ago Grace Fekau, a cocoa farmer from Makira, turned to her small kokoa farm to support her family after losing her husband.