At 36, Florence, a mother of two, is an experienced entrepreneur who manages a successful retail business, in a country where older men dominate the business landscape, she is an anomaly.

Gender Journey in Business

After years of struggling to find a job or start a small business in the Solomon Islands, she felt poultry farming would be a profitable venture.
Second hand shops - where Solomon Islanders get most of their clothes.

Where Second Hand Clothes Find New Owners

If you thought all your donated clothes went to fellow Kiwis think again - Globally, the trade in second-hand clothes, mostly to developing nations, is big business.

Solomons is the Pacific's Leading Reformer

Solomon Islands has been dubbed the leading reformer in the Pacific.

ADB Welcomes New Business Law

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has welcomed a new law making it easier to register businesses in the Solomon Islands.
Representatives from RSIPF, ODPP, the Ministry of Forestry and Research, Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Immigration, the Participating Police Force (PPF), Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources , Central Bank, Company Haus and others participated in the forum.

New Taskforce Established to Prosecute Illegal Companies

Solomon Islands police, prosecutors and several Government Ministries have formed a new high level taskforce to crackdown on environmental crime.