The Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI) have successfully completed a three-day Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for youths in Kirakira, Makira.

The Bootcamp was attended by 25 youths from Makira, with a focus on instilling the values of entrepreneurship in the local context of the Solomon Islands. It also addressed key challenges that young entrepreneurs may face when running businesses in the Solomon Islands, including challenges within the cultural context.

During the closing ceremony and certificate presentation, Honorable Julian Maka’a, the Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, congratulated the participants of the bootcamp. He encouraged them to utilize the knowledge gained during the bootcamp and combine it with their business skills. Premier Maka’a expressed his support for YECSI's efforts in empowering young entrepreneurs in Makira Ulawa Province and urged the organization to organize more bootcamps in rural areas.

Premier Maka’a also emphasized the importance of youth participation in provincial development. He urged the participants to become exemplary leaders within their communities and actively engage in economic activities that would contribute to the growth of the provincial economy and the Solomon Islands as a whole.

Additionally, Premier Maka’a acknowledged YECSI and expressed gratitude to its partners, specifically the Australian Government through the Strongim Bisnis initiative, for funding the bootcamp. He also thanked the New Zealand Government for their support in ensuring YECSI can fulfill its commitment to the youth of the Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, YECSI Coordinator, Maverick Peter Seda, extended his gratitude to the participating youths for their full engagement throughout the three-day Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Seda stated that the bootcamp ended on a high note and attributed its success to the active participation of all the attending youths.

Seda also expressed appreciation to the Makira Ulawa Province Youth office for their support in coordinating the bootcamp. The training was facilitated by Dr. Wale Tobata from the business sector and funded by the Australian Government through the Strongim Bisnis Initiative.


Source: Press Release, YECSI