Entertainment Archive November 2008

'Funky' and 'Rushee' to Launch First Album

Another exciting music album is set to hit the Solomon Islands music market.

Sharzy to Release New Album

After releasing his fifth album, Samson Saeni, otherwise popularly known as 'Sharzy' is already planning a new album.

Wally Pazzy To Tour PNG

Local young talent, Wally Pazzy left yesterday for Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea following an invitation by the Total Events Company.

'Saba' Signs Regional Music Contracts

Best known in the Solomon Islands music circle for his Isabel songs, Rolley Bogese or famously known as 'Saba', has signed contracts with three music companies; the Cheen H Meen, CHM, music power house of Papua New Guinea; subsidiary company PNG Legend and the Mangroves Studio of New Caledonia.