The Zion Volleyball Club today received a volleyball net and two balls from a RAMSI officer.

Pavlos Economou, from Australia but of Greek origin, decided to help after he learned of Zion's youths' potential in volleyball. Mr. Economou said Zion is one of the areas in the outskirts of Honiara regarded as one of the breeding grounds for criminal activities.

However, Mr. Economou believes that the donation would help encourage Zion youths in sporting activities and it would give the community a "sense of pride when they support their children during tournaments".

In response, Rexford Fa'ana, Zion Volleyball Club Chairman said the assistance was a milestone for Zion youths. He thanked Mr. Economou, saying his help would contribute to the Zion youths and community.

Zion volleyball club comprises of youths of multiethnic backgrounds, with most ranging from 14 to 28 years of age. Mr. Fa'ana said the club is currently leading "B" division and will compete in "A" division next year.

Mr. Fa'ana said that this is the club's first involvement in such tournament and, with the encouraging results, he believes that other sports like soccer and basketball would be their next target.

Besides the volleyball net and two balls, Mr. Economou also includes one soccer ball and two AFL rugby ball.