A shift closer to public access is bonus for one of Honiara's happening and leading FM station, the ZFM 100.

Studio Manager and popular musician in the Solomons and abroad, Sammy 'Sharzy' Saeni, said that being based at Tanuli Ridge for ten years, "we found that our location was not working, especially for the studio's sales area".

"We found out that the sales and marketing side of the studio was not working well because the location at Tanuli's not exposed to the public," said Mr. Saeni.

He said that they realized the need to relocate the studio where it is exposed to the public.

Mr. Saeni revealed that the relocation is part and parcel of the company's development plans to improve.

"Relocation of our studio is one thing, later we will send staff to do work attachments overseas," he told Solomon Times.

Mr. Saeni said another reason for relocating was putting into consideration the difficulties faced by staff to move to and from the location.

"Located on the hills, employees have to find their way up and going back down town to do work related errands, it was becoming too much so our decision to relocate in the heart of town is to make it easier in terms of movement," he said.

Mr. Saeni said one other reason is that their location at Tanuli was not friendly in terms of transmitting range.

"This is because the building that is housing the studio is located on a slope," he explained.

Solomon Times was informed that at first, "our central focus was just running the studio but then we realized that there is a need to relocate to help boost our services".

The new location of the ZFM 100 studio is at a private business premises right in the heart of Honiara, just opposite the Honiara City Council.

"Works are still being done but we should move in this weekend," Mr. Saeni said.

Mr. Saeni told Solomon Times that ZFM 100 was the first ever FM station established in the Solomons, kicking off under the banner 'Island FM' and in a take over by the then XJ6 Limited, the name of the station changed to ZFM 100.

Meanwhile, Sales Manager, James Pango said that the new location is going to make it easier for his clients to find the new office.

"Some of our clients did not know the studio's location at Tanuli, which makes it difficult for the sales area," he said.

Mr. Pango added that "being out here, we believe that everything will be good in the future of the company".

A local company, XJ6 Limited/Kaliko Cooperation holds ownership of the ZFM 100 station.