The Government’s National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has reported zero casualties or damages from the magnitude 7.6 quake and tsunami that struck coastal villages of mainland Makira and its surrounding islands on Sunday morning.

The undersea earthquake followed by a tsunami had forced thousands of coastal dwellers in many parts of the country to flee to safety on higher grounds following warnings issued on the National Broadcaster, SIBC on Sunday morning.

The Tsunami warning was later cancelled towards midday on Sunday. As of Sunday night the NEOC has not received any reports of damages or casualties.
An aerial flight to Makira yesterday afternoon has spotted no signs of inundation or damages caused by the quake and tsunami along coasts of Makira and its outlying islands of Santa Ana, Santa Catalina, Three Sisters and Ugi.

The aerial assessment on a Solomon Airlines flight was charted by the Australian High Commission on request from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).

Four representatives from the NDMO with three officers from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia were on board the chartered twin otter.

A statement from the Australian High commission said Australia will continue working closely with the Solomon Islands Government to assess the impact of the earthquake and tsunami, while continuing help with the ongoing recovery from the recent floods.

The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination Systems (GDACS) have calculated that the 7.6 earth quake that struck 108 kilometers south-south east of Makira could generate maximum tsunami wave heights up to 3.2 meters.

Some of the coastal locations expecting the 3.2m waves are Na’ana, Mwaniwowo, Mwarairaru, Maniborkosi, Nasuragena, Funakumwa, Tawarogha, Geta, Star Harbour, Mami, Fageifa, Ragapu and Ghupuna. 


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit