The highest reported cases of sexually transmitted infections (STI) are high among youths than adults in Solomon Islands.

Program Assistant Officer of the Reproductive Health Development project at the Solomon Islands Plant Parenthood Association (SIPPA), Chrispin Siama, revealed this yesterday at the opening of a one week media advocacy workshop organised by SIPPA for all media organisations in Solomon Islands.

Mr. Siama confirmed that the highest reported cases are from the age groups of 15-24 years of age.

Frequent change of partners or multiple partners was said to be among the many reasons for the shocking high STI rate adding to "a lot of young girls being weak to say no to use protection".

"Sexual abuse is also increasing where young people are victimised with being abused and catching STI but they do not have the courage to step forward and report such cases," Mr. Siama added.

He said that records from November last year to October this year show that women do more check ups than men "and this shows that women are more concerned about their health."

"There is a youth health and social centre for young people to go and do their check ups and data collected indicate a turn-up of 96.8% from a total of 12 months since November last year to October this year," he said.

Mr. Siama said the records go to show that young people are now understanding health issues more and responding positively to available medical resources.

He assured the young people that the Youth Friendly Services centre offers friendly environment and services.