What is becoming of our young generation is the question in the minds of parents and guardians.

Solomon Times was told that youths these days are "too advanced" as their interests and attitude drive far from the cultural values and principles.

"These young people do not realise the long term consequence they are putting themselves into," Francis Cebe said.

Most agreed that youths as young as 13 years of age are acting "twice their age" and rate of underage clubbing has soared drastically.

"A contributing factor is having no existing rules that ban underage youths from entering clubs," Mr. Cebe said.

He added that leniency has added to the high rate of young drinkers and smokers in the Solomons.

The noticeable rate is worrying for many parents who have tried to discipline them "but life is so different these days that young people are so stubborn".

Parents are urging in particular club owners to impose heavy policy on banning underage youths from going through their doors.

"If club owners care for the young generation, they should impose heavy rules to ban underage youths from entering the clubs," Mr. Cebe said.

He told Solomon Times that one good idea of stopping underage youths from entering night clubs is for everyone to have IDs to be allowed in.

Mr. Cebe said that by doing that it will not only do well for the youths, but it will also contribute to the betterment of the country, Solomon Islands.