The founder of a new political party in Solomon Islands says it is aiming to ensure young people get the chance to complete their education.

Ishmael Nori, who's also the president of the Solomon Islands New Generation party, says entering politics is a more effective way of replacing policies that aren't working for youth than taking to the streets.

He says party membership will be restricted to those aged 18 to 40 and a key focus will be extending second chance education to school drop-outs.

"In 10 years' time we won't have people roaming the streets or staying back in the village doing nothing, if we empower our young people with skills, knowledge and capacity for them to sustain whatever they're doing, they can contribute back to the economy, they can be useful to society and they can be an asset instead of a time-bomb."

Ishmael Nori says the Solomon Islands New Generation Party also aims to eradicate corruption.