Honiara youths, last weekend, went around, cleaning the city as part of their programme to mark the International Youth Day on the theme, "Youth and Climate Change - Time for action".

The Honiara Clean-Up was organised by the Honiara City Council's Clean Up campaign committee in collaboration with the Youth Division. They were assisted by several youth leaders from around the city who also brought along young people from their communities to help with thing. The clean up campaign was also organized to promote environmental awareness.

"Several clean up campaigns have been held in the past; and large number of youths always responds to the clean-up campaigns. The last clean up campaign was held in July," said Ms. Mary Jionisi, an officer of the Youth Division.

Joseph Diofiti, 22, and Joy Gilbert, 19, both volunteers for the clean-up, say keeping Honiara clean should be a responsibility not just for young people, but for all the residents of Honiara.

Tollirum Anifalua, 24, also a volunteer for the clean-up, says when Honiara is dirty, it reflects on the residents.

"We should take pride in our country - when visitors see how dirty our city is, they make negative comments. But if we keep it clean they will say alot of positive things about our city. If we put our hands together you'll see that we can be effective," says Tollirum.

Michael Kapitana, 30, also a youth leader for the clean-up, agrees that more needs to be done in the city to help people keep it clean.

"There are three things that our city's leaders could be doing to make this happen - using their time effectively, working together with the community, and understanding the value of the environment. Youth have a large part to play as well. Young people could volunteer to have regular clean ups and if they were given the right information they could help to promote awareness as well," says Michael.

The International Youth Day will be officially celebrated tomorrow, 12th August, at the Commonwealth Youth Programme grounds, Panatina.