The Honiara Youth Forum on Climate Change Committee held a 'Youth Forum on Climate Change at the Commonwealth Youth Program Center.

The workshop is held for youths within Honiara and is expected to run over the three days and is organized by the Youth Division of Honiara Town Council, Red Cross and other NGO's, together with the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children.

Representative from the Youth Division of the City Council, Ms. Mary Jionisi said that the workshop is held as a follow-up recommendation of the International Youth Day which bears the theme, 'Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action'.

Ms. Jionisi stated that they are involving youths in climate change "because they have special roles to play in the global effort on combining impacts posed by the rapid change of climate in the country."

Ms. Jionisi believed that there is a need for young people of Solomon Islands to be aware and gain the right information and knowledge from some lead agencies and key stakeholders who have experience in the Climate Change field.

She then added that the youth and climate change Forum is a very good avenue and opportunity for young people to get to know and understand fully the meaning and even what climate change brings in to the country.

She added that youths will also know the best way to address issues on climate change by being involved in the discussions.

Representative from the Red Cross, Mr. George Baragamu, said that the workshop will help the youths of the country to know the latest impact of climate change, adding that, "by learning the impacts of climate change, they would figure a way to adapt to the specific impacts."

Mr. Baragamu said that the youths will also have the opportunity to go out and do awareness relating to climate change. "From the awareness, they will come up with youth plans for climate change which will be given to government to decide on basic solutions," he added.