The Commonwealth Youth Pacific Centre will this week host a training program called the 'Professionalisation of Youth Work in the Solomon Islands.'

A statement from CYP says the training is to sustain and support the ongoing development of Youth Workers in the country.

It says Youth workers are at the forefront of social change and transformation and play an important role in engaging young people in activities, structures and institutions that draw on their innate, positive potential.

CYP Program Manager, Sushil Ram who will be facilitating the workshop says no longer can we continue to treat the field of youth work as a non-technical area of work that is undertaken by anyone who is, or at one time was young and simply has a love for young people.

He says whilst these may be important components for a youth worker, it is hardly sufficient if youth work is to have any significant impact on the problems that our young people grapple with on a daily basis.

Forty youth workers from youth organisations, government departments, local schools and NGOs in the country will be undertaking the training on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The programme is part of CYP's Youth Work Education and Training programme, which is dedicated to professionalising Youth Work in the Commonwealth.