Hermas Patterson is a 20-year-old self taught musician who dreams of making it big one day.

Hermas comes from Central Kwara'ae and Central Islands province, he is currently doing his form 7 education at Honiara High School.

His passion and love for music started when he was in church, he was part of the choir and said that at an early age he was surrounded by talented church artists.

Hermas says that such early exposure to music made him realize the power of music, especially how rhythm and harmony can influence a person’s mood.

He set out to fine tune his musical talent, picking up whatever tips he can from those around him. Hermas also looked for opportunities to showcase his talent, he started with school performances, which gave him courage to perform in front of a crowd.

"I was in Form 2 and I performed with a group at my school and we manage to secure the second-place prize.

"For me it was a dream come true, I felt like this is what I am meant to do, to be in front of the stage and to entertain people," Hermas recalls.

Hermas continued to build up his confidence, and he started writing and composing his own songs.

"I have a lot of fun when it comes to composing and writing songs, it is just part of me now," Hermas said with excitement.

"Over the years I have written 100 to 200 songs, I write about a lot of things, about life, challenges and on advocacy issues" he added.

"I really believe that this platform is where I want to build change, I believe change can come with music. I want to write songs that my people and my country can relate to, and the world could love it too," Hermas said.

"We have to change the mindset of our young people because this is the generation that will lead the future. We must work hard and learn from older people like parents, pastors, and elders around you.”

Hermas says his songs are about the reality people face, especially corruption, social justice, and climate change.

Hermas is already getting the kind of recognition he needs to further his music dreams. In July 2020 Hermas was announced the male winner of the New Zealand/ Dreamcast Theatre Music month competition.

Hermas sang 'Give' by Stan Walker using his android phone. He did not think much of it, it was fun, he submitted the video online and waited.

"I did not expect to win this competition since I was too nervous, I did not think the video quality was good. I was super excited when I heard the news that I won and my name was in the official page of the New Zealand High Commission,” Hermas said.

Hermas was told to do his recording in New Zealand but because of Covid-19 he will have to wait. He says other arrangements are being made to record in Honiara.

He said the recognition has given him a lot of confidence, and he is now working hard to start a small recording studio and continue to create music. He is doing little things to raise money and saving whatever he can to fulfill his dream.