At only 15 years of age Terrison Weni is showing great potential, he featured for the Guadalcanal Hornets at the recent U16 Solomon Cup, and after winning the finals, he has big dreams.

Terrison Weni comes from Komuvalu in the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal, his interest in football started in grade one, where he would play with friends after school.

“I started playing with just a home-made soccer ball made from bush materials, we just bundled up grass, and tied them together in the shape of a ball,” Weni said, laughing as he recalled how he got into the game of football.

Growing up he would imagine himself playing in front of a crowd, people cheering, himself scoring. So, playing in front of a huge crowd was a big deal for him.

“This was the first time for me to play in a big football field, and many people watching and cheering, so this helped me a lot in building my confidence.

“Though I may have a poor background, I believe football can change that, I will continue and develop my skills in football when I return home. I know that if I maintain my passion in the game my dreams in football can be achieved,” a quietly confident Weni said.

His coach, Mr Jackson Namo, agrees, heaping praise on the young footballer.

“Weni is one of the best players of the tournament, he is still young and if he commits himself, he can achieve whatever he wants to achieve in football,” Namo said.

Young Weni will be celebrating his 16th birthday on October, and says that his soccer idols show that through perseverance, handwork, sacrifice, dedication and respect anything is possible.

Weni is currently a Form 2 student at Nguvia secondary school in East Guadalcanal, and while his priority right now is his education, he believes football will provide a way for him.

“I just pray and believe that my talent will take me somewhere big, where I can play the game I love.”