Given the current global COVID-19 pandemic situation dwindling and affecting ‘business-as-usual’ activities, the Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI) has come up with an innovative approach to use technology to deliver its services and their new in-house programme “Ennovation Blo Iumi”.

With support from Strongim Bisnis, an Australian Government initiative working with the private sector in Solomon Islands, YECSI’s ‘Ennovation Blo Iumi’, soon to be launched online, is a programme seeking to promote and encourage start up ideas focusing on innovation.

Representatives from YECSI and Strongim Bisnis on Monday 25th May formally signed a partnership agreement to pursue and pilot the inaugural programme with the theme ‘Innovating for the Unexpected: Resilience and Sustainability in the face of Disaster’.

"We are incredibly grateful and excited to join forces with Strongim Bisnis as a key partner to support YECSI in our drive towards encouraging and engaging our young populace and entrepreneurs in pathways for Innovation,” YECSI Chairlady, Ms Millicent Barty, said.

She stated that the partnership is timely as the proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken and reset the world into a pause where the ability to innovate and innovation itself, is important to move forward.

“Although our nation has not experienced the extremities of a pandemic, we are not immune to crises. It is crucial that our Youth are introduced and equipped with the information, skills and tools to critically think about our surroundings and find meaningful ways to innovate solutions for the unexpected,” she added.

Ms Barty said YECSI is proud to be establishing its program 'Ennovation Blo Iumi' in partnership with Strongim Bisnis to promote innovation as a compelling way to boost entrepreneurship and stimulate the country’s economy with hopefully, emerging markets.

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Youth Director at Strongim Bisnis, Mr Gianluca Nardi, has expressed similar sentiments in support for this programme.
“YECSI is a fundamental institution in the country particularly because of its work in supporting young entrepreneurs who are also contributors to economic development especially during this global pandemic.”

“This ‘Ennovation Blo Iumi’ programme is something that also directly addresses the COVID-19 crisis and impacts on young people in business, and that is why Strongim Bisnis, is happy to be supporting it,” Mr Nardi said.

The outcome of this programme will not only result in creating new formal businesses, but will also allow all participants to engage inclusively in six (6) modules which will take them through a journey of learning to both personally and professionally develop themselves and be equipped with tools to help them be more innovative.

YECSI is adamant to utilise this programme to benefit all participants where it is expected that participants will gain value out of this process.

Participants are eligible to become YECSI members thus accessing additional business support services and a new window of opportunity through a wider network of likeminded individuals.

YECSI Coordinator, Mr Emmanuel Pitakaka said among the services to support members, YECSI has a 2020 Business Plan that continues to develop and expand on our in-house programs such as Mentorship, Ignite Networking, Business Bites and our Advocacy efforts to alleviate businesses barriers young entrepreneurs are faced with.

“The overall sustainability of these new businesses will improve for being part of an existing body whose main function is to support their growth.

This innovation programme should also be considered a pilot and explores possible revenue models to allow for large private sector organisations to host innovation challenges around topics than can be of their interest,” Mr Pitakaka said.

Details on how to become part of the ‘Ennovation Blo Iumi’ programme are been finalized by the YECSI Secretariat and will be released on a later date through different platforms reachable to potential youth participants. 


Source: Press Relase, Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce