Police and communities in Yandina are now working more closely after a two-week visit from the Solomon Islands Police Force Community Policing team.

Community policing officers spent two weeks in Yandina and the surrounding atolls and held a series of awareness talks in villages and schools.

During the visit a number of discussions were held about community policing, crime and its side effects, anti social behavior, domestic violence, and other safety tips.

Village chiefs and women were impressed with the visit of police officers after the community faced a number of anti social problems.

Chief Lulu Fisher said they were happy with the police presence and said it is good for police to visit communities and see where the real problem is.

"It is pleasing to see police in Yandina. It is our request for police to come and talk to the people. We appreciate your presence here and we would like to work in partnership with you to address law and order issues in Yandina

"The consumption of kwaso and disturbance around Yandina was high but the police presence has reduced the disturbances," he said.

Catharine Apato, a representative of women in Yandina, also appreciated the police presence and explained that some women were living in fear due to the criminal behaviour of some members of the community.

"There are lots of youths involved in drinking kwaso and disturbing the community. The visit from police will help us address this problem. We need to stop this crime together", she said.

One of the biggest achievements of the visit was the establishment of a community based committee that will work with police to help solve crime together and address law and order issues.

Director of Community Policing, Inspector Edmond Tonisi, said there where many positive responses from the community during awareness talks and believes the formation of the committee will help prevent much of the criminal behaviour.

"The new committee will assist police in solving crime and more importantly stopping it from occurring in the first place.

"The onus is now on Chiefs and community representatives to work together with police so Yandina can remain a peaceful place," he said.

The new committee members are Claudius Kabasi (Chairman), Steven Nakwa (Vice Chairman), Billy Belden (Secretary) and Maria Paul (Treasurer). Chiefs from each community within Banika Island will also be part of the committee.

The newly formed committee at Yandina has already passed resolutions that there will be no drinking of kwaso, no disturbances, keeping out of company properties, no drinking in public and no late night roaming.

The Solomon Islands Police Force look forward to continuing the good working relationships with the community of Yandina in the future.

Source: Police Media Unit