"We need an explanation as to why RAMSI raided our yard and took some of our War relics collected for a planned War Relics Museum."

This was stated by the MacWorth Scrap Metal Company's Yard Manager, Mr. Joseph Lomo.

The complain came after some RAMSI officers, last Tuesday raided the MacWorth scrap metal company and removed valuable war artefacts collected by the company workers.

According to Mr. Lomo, war relics were bought from locals in Guadalcanal and some parts of the Western Province.

"They took the valuable artefacts without proper explanation. Things taken were pistols, rifles, hand grenades and 300 to 400 tags belonging to soldiers who fought in the war. We have made contact with the some families of the soldiers who own the tags, however, now we do not have the tags," he says.

Mr. Lomo stated that RAMSI's action was unacceptable as they are licensed to buy war relics from locals. Over time they had spent thousands of dollars to build their collection.

"We aim to make a mini collection to make a small museum to attract tourists and also provide employment opportunities for the high number of unemployed youths in the country," Mr. Lomo said.

The partners of the World War II relics collection are Keith MacWorth and Joseph Lomo.

Solomon Times was informed by the Deputy Director of the Museum that Mr. Keith MacWorth has license to collect war relics.