An eight man squad will represent the Solomon Islands Amateur Wrestling Association for this year's South Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa.

The squad consists of three very experienced wrestlers and fresh newcomers. The leading team assistant Stanley Muliloa says that with Katea Ureasi, James Satia and Robert Teuba on board they are very optimistic of a positive outcome.

"We train six days a week ending Saturday mornings with the fitness tests as every other sporting groups has done over the past couple of weeks at the multipurpose hall" Muliloa said. "We do fitness training in the mornings and in the afternoons we have our practical session with drills, conditioning and so on"

Muliloa said that the Solomon Islands contingent will compete in the common two categories, the Greco and Freestyle wrestling. Muliloa stated that Katea Ureasi is by far the more experienced in the group. "Katea has won two gold medals in 1999 and repeated the same feat in 2002" Muliloa said. "He also won another two gold medals in the Oceania championship under the two categories" Muliloa said that with the other two experienced wrestlers, Satia and Teuba, he expects the group to be fairly competitive in this year's SPG.

Stanley Muliloa is a veteran wrestler who has competed in past national tournaments in the region. He also led the successive team which Katea Ureasi won two gold medals in 1999. Muliloa praised the efforts of Interim President Tongoua and Secretary Patrick Turanga to revive wrestling into participating as candidates for this year's South Pacific Games.