A workshop aimed at educating young girls and boys on sexual reproductive health is currently underway n Honiara.

"Youths against HIV and AIDS" is one of the approaches initiated by the World Vision Solomon Islands in its effort to fight against HIV AIDS in the country.

Twenty-six peer educators are undertaking the training in the workshop which will end on the 17th of October.

The project manager for HIV and STI prevention, Ms Lorraine Satorara told the National Express that the project identify youths as the sexually active population and one of the most vulnerable groups to HIV and STI infection.

"The workshop aims to help them understand changes they are going through in adolescence years and to provide accurate information on sexual and reproductive health," said Mr. Lorraine.

He also said that the training will help them understand risks and consequences of sexual behavior.

"They will also learn new skills for making good decision to protect their own health and be able to pass the knowledge and skills to their own peers within their communities."

Mr. Lorraine said after two weeks of training, these youths will be involved with the project team to promote awareness programs on HIV and AIDS within identified communities in and around Honiara.

National Express