A one month workshop is currently in place for probation nurses in Honiara.

In an interview with Solomon Times, head of the block group of nurses, Anthony Haruribu, said the workshop is mainly to help probation nurses have a clear understanding on their roles in Solomon Islands.

Mr. Haruribu said that as part of the month-long workshop, they revise on what they learnt while in college, on how to correspond with the public and the structure of nursing from the top to bottom.

"We will also look into other issues such as communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases," he said.

Mr. Haruribu said that the workshop will look at improving health services and help look at expectations on health workers on professional basis.

"We look at the weaknesses in the past years, which helps give ideas on basis to improve and pull on the weaknesses that has been faced," he added.

Conducting the workshop are professionals from various health departments at the National Referral Hospital who give talks on certain leading health issues such as malaria, tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS but to name a few.

"What will be covered in the workshop will better equip us, added to what we have earlier covered in college, to help improve health services in Solomon Islands," Mr. Haruribu said.

The workshop was made possible through $200,000 funding from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to meet all expenses.