The Young Entrepreneurs Retail Skills Training Workshop, officiated this morning was facilitated by senior executives and retail shop managers from The Body Shop in Australia.

The Body Shop, Australia has been doing such training for six years, whereby each year, two countries are chosen for such training to empower young people in business. Such trainings enable a better career path for many young people.

Solomon Times spoke to one of the trainers, Mr. Steve Codiero, who stated that having set up a few businesses of his own in Australia, he has the passion to train young people who are keen to expand and sustain their businesses.

Mr. Codiero explained that the workshop was also aimed at inspiring the participants to think about the solutions to business problems and not to solely rely on trainers.

"We are trying to train as much young people as we can this year, after which we will travel to Fiji to conduct a similar training," Mr. Codiero added.

From this training, young people would benefit greatly by having more skills and also able to help communities in the fight against poverty in the country.