The Solomon Islands National Union of Workers has shown concern for members of the public working without safety equipments.

The concern was raised by the General Secretary of the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers, Mr. Tony Kagovai, after noticing a group of young boys hired to cut down an overgrown rain tree.

Apparently the boys have always been hired around town for $500 a tree and have always been working without safety equipments.

"The boys told me that they are not covered under any workman compensation or insurance. This is not a practice that should be encouraged. To avoid such practices, a thorough inspection on work places should be done by the Labour Inspectors," said Mr.Kagovai.

"If there was to be an accident the boys would not be given any workman compensation. Working without safe equipments under such conditions is dangerous and not something that should be practiced," continues Mr. Tony Kagovai.

Mr. Kagovai adds that he is only raising this out of concern for the boys and not to criticize their work. Working under safety conditions should be a practice Solomon Islanders should encourage.