Downer New Zealand, a New Zealand construction company, has won a contract of USD$20 million to improve transport links in Solomon Islands Western Province.

Downer New Zealand has said that it's committed to consulting with the community on the effects of the project.

The company already has an advance party on the ground, co-ordinating the arrival of equipment before construction is due to start in July.

The project is supported by the New Zealand aid programme and will include a major upgrade to bring Munda airport up to international capacity. Part of the project will also be used to improve the road between the Munda station and the industrial town of Noro.

Downer New Zealand's Craig Smart says it's an important part of the contract that local communities are consulted and can express any issues they might have with the work.

"There's a team of people, myself and others from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and other government agencies that will be looking at social, community, environmental and similar matters as part of this consultation."

Craig Smart says it will take about a year to complete the construction work.