Solomon Islands will soon have a fourth University of the South Pacific (USP) campus in the Solomon Islands.

This was according to Hon. Mathew Wale, the Minister for Education and Human Resources, in Parliament yesterday.

Hon. Wale said that the Ministry will be hosting a workshop with the University for the South Pacific and other key stakeholders next week to finalize details in the development of a fourth campus.

He revealed that in May 2009 a ground breaking ceremony will be held after plans have been approved by appropriate authorities, the City Council and the USP council.

According to Hon. Wale, the USP council will also be in the Solomon Islands for the graduation of the USP students at the end of 2009.

In other developments, Hon. Wale also revealed that the Government will support the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE) in upgrading its programmes.

"SICHE has not utilized their 2008 allocation. However, much progress has been made in preparing the infrastructure and facilities required," he adds.

He revealed that there would be a review of SICHE's academic programs, which requires technical assistance.

According to him, the government aims to upgrade SICHE to become the best technical institute in the Region as it used to be, within the next three years. He adds that we want all programs to be upgraded and to ensure SICHE is also better equipped with facilities.

He revealed that the Ministry will be seeking cabinet approval for the establishment of a task force to work in partnership for the upgrade.

Hon. Wale also stated his gratitude for the support donors have given to the Ministry adding that more support will be required in the years to come.