Initial work on the proposed Bina Harbour Onshore Processing plant in Malaita Province has begun this year regardless of the negative impacts of covid-19 on the country.

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), Nestor Ghiro highlighted this when he updated Parliament today (Dec 1) on the activities implemented by the Ministry this year.

The Bina Harbour Onshore Processing Plant and the Aruligo Tilapia Aquaculture Center in Guadalcanal are the two flagship projects implemented by the Ministry as national projects that are projected to enhance fisheries activities for people.

About the Bina Harbour project

The Ministry had signed a working MOU with the Malaita Provincial Government to deliver the project while at the same time has received Infrastructure and Fisheries reports from the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The IFC is currently working on investment packages to secure an investor, while at the same time engaging with donors for infrastructure funding.

As a temporary measure the Ministry had also secured an office space for the operation of the Bina project in Honiara, which will be relocated to Auki when it becomes fully functional. 

Work is also ongoing on possible water sources for the plant, five have been identified and access discussions will begin in the New Year 2021.

Another achievement made this year was the successful facilitation and election of Trustees to the Land Holding entity that was established in 2019.

Following the implementation of these activities, Minister Ghiro assured Parliament that the Ministry’s implementation rate is in line with its 5-year plan for the Bina project. Activities for next year will focus on securing water and Harbour access for the project.

The Bina project will continue under the government’s policy redirection initiative.

Source: GCU