The Women's Week at the Cultural village is the current crowd catcher this week, as people flood the grounds.

Many women stated that there is a drop in the participation from women this year, however, there is said to be a rise in the support from men.

According to Mrs. Hilda Birisi, "it is encouraging to see more men at the grounds. This shows that men are taking interest on the issues of women."

Also available at the grounds was the opportunity for many to test for Non-Communicable Diseases, currently on the rise in Honiara.

Conducted by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the tent was never short of people queuing to make good use of the opportunity for free medical tests.

According to a nurse "the number of people coming forward for the medical tests shows their enthusiasms to live a healthy lifestyle and break bad eating habits."

"Overweight is the common problem among many and as we all know, this only happens when a person is careless. Being overweight contributes to alot of things. It usually means a person could be diabetic and also prone to a stroke or a heart attack.

"A person can reduce his/her risk of having NCDs by diet change and engaging in physical activities. Non-Communicable Diseases are now quite common in Honiara, and people need to be more aware of the seriousness of awareness by authorities on NCDs.

"There should be a lot of vegetables in a person's daily meals with moderate amounts of starchy foods and small amounts of salt, fat, oil and sugar," said the nurse.

As the day wore on, people kept flooding the tent seeking for advice and to do tests regarding their blood pressure and sugar level.

Women's Week will end this Friday.